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Mentoring the next generation, community work and caring for nature!

Paul Barry, our amazing Boomer Shed member, mentored eight students from Ormiston Junior College who spent around ten hours each making 74 rat traps. The students experienced new techniques and tools, for example using the metal guillotine to cut the mesh sections. They even used all the small odd sized offcuts to build small sparrow bird houses.

So many positives! The students learned how to be efficient with scrap wood and what they can do with offcuts rather than sending them to landfill. Not to mention, making new friends, learning new skills and building confidence in a new craft. The encouragement from the teaching staff and Paul, together with the opportunity for the kids to give back to the community will be making an incredible difference for the students.

Thank you Auckland Council for supplying the materials, Paul for your wonderful mahi, Ormiston Junior College for the opportunity and finally to the students who worked on this project.

But that’s not the end of this project! To help reduce pests within Auckland, some of our Boomers will be continuing to make traps and OJC plan to make more later in the year.

Are you over 50 and want to be part of the Boomer Shed team volunteering for community? Or do you have a community project that our Boomers might be able to help with? Find out more about our Boomer Shed here, call Stacey on 09 269 4080 or email

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