South & East Auckland Communities won't tolerate graffiti vandalism anymore!


At the Beautification Trust we remove graffiti free of charge in most instances. Since 2001, our graffiti removal team travel throughout South & East Auckland each day removing graffiti from the main arterial routes, Southern rail corridor, people's fences and public spaces.

In most cases, when graffiti is reported it gets removed within 24 hours, if not sooner. The faster the response the stronger the message - that graffiti will not be tolerated in our communities.

We need your eyes and ears to spot graffiti out in the community!

Graffiti Removal and Prevention

Report graffiti in less than 2 minutes!


Call in graffiti on the go via our freephone 0800 END TAGS (0800 363 824). 


Report Graffiti online right from your device. 



Send us the location and a description of the tag via email.

Graffiti Removal Services

The Trust will remove graffiti free of charge in the following situations, using paint-out or waterblasting:

  • Road Frontage Fences - if we have the correct base colour (otherwise the owner of the property must supply the paint for our team to use)
  • All council buildings
  • Toilets in parks/playgrounds
  • Playgrounds in public parks and reserves
  • Road signs
  • Signage and other areas of council owned parks
  • Lamp posts
  • Footpaths
The Trust is contracted to Vector to keep all Vector utilities clean and tag-free - this includes lamp posts and Vector power boxes and cabinets. The Trust does not undertake the following paint out or waterblasting tasks:
  • Chorus/Telecom assets
  • Motorway bridges and assets
  • Private property including large commercial entities and body corporates
Please feel free to report all instances of graffiti vandalsim to us and we will redirect the requests to the right people if we are unable to attend ourselves.

Education, Eradication and Enforcement

Auckland Council’s graffiti programme aims to tackle the problem of graffiti vandalism through a combined approach of education, eradication and enforcement. We handle the eradication side which is a combination of ‘pro-active work’, where we are out there daily looking for and removing graffiti and ‘re-active work’ where we respond to service requests from council or reports from members of the public. On request, we do school presentations and graffiti education workshops for local students or groups. If your group is interested in a free Anti-Tagging or Anti-Littering Presentation, give us a bell . We leave the enforcement to the Police.

Commercial Sites

All commercial sites are the responsibility of the building owner or leasee. Our team can often assist with the paint-out if the paint is supplied by either the building owner or leasee, within the boundaries of our set height restrictions. For ongoing graffiti maintenance; the Trust can usually offer ongoing support to commercial properties at cost (to cover labour, materials and equipment). We are also keen to support commercial and private property owners in using plants, murals or tactical strategies to overcome tagging. Want a tag free building? Let's connect!

Rail Corridor

We are contracted to maintain 25 kms of rail corridor from Te Mahia to Newmarket, including the branch-off to Sylvia Park. We've filled hundreds of bags of rubbish, removed acres of weeds and painted sections of fenceline so that rail travellers can enjoy a much more pleasant commute! Eradication of tagging has been a large part of the rail corridor project. Replacement of tagged areas with murals has proven an extremely effective deterrent to future tagging. People continue to litter like it's a trend in South Auckland, despite the unattractive appearance and environmental impact. We still manage to pick up at least 7,000kg of rubbish a year. Work with us and put your litter in the bins - and encourage your friends and whanau to do the same!