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Different Dinners

Discover Delicious Vegetarian Cuisine!

Welcome to Different Dinners!

Join us and embark on a delightful 4-week journey to bring more tasty vegetarian meals to your dining table.


Our FREE programme invites you and your whaanau to explore the delicious possibilities of vegetarian meals, promising an adventure for your taste buds and a step towards a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle.

Please note, this programme is now closed.

Vegetarian Thali

Ready to Try Something New?

Embrace the challenge and enrich your culinary skills, all while contributing to a healthier planet. Start your veggie-powered journey by opting for vegetarian meals a couple of times a week! By eating less meat, we help lower carbon emissions which leads to a healthier, happier planet!

Check out the recipes from Different Dinners to get you inspired!

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