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Our Strategy

Our vision

Inspire communities to love and respect the environment.

Our mission

Connect and empower communities to learn, love and look after our environment. 

Our values

  • Tiakitanga Help – We nurture, restore and advocate for the environment. 

  • Hapori Community– We collaborate, working together to empower our community. 

  • Ngaakau pono Integrity – We act with trust and honesty. 

  • Manaakitanga Care – We respect others, give support and show kindness. 

  • Auahatanga Can do – We create, innovate and are proactive.

Our key impacts


Communities have pride and feel safe


The environment is healthier and cleaner


Communities are connected and empowered

Nga Hua: Our impact focus areas for the future

Te Puhinui Big Clean 2021 - highlights (1).jpg

Loving, respecting and restoring the environment

Our urban and natural environment needs all the help it can get. Working together and empowering the community is essential to achieve this. The impact of climate change is significant and we all recognise the journey we each should be taking towards more sustainable living. We are passionate about doing our part to create communities where the environment gets a fair deal, where waterways are clean, where we live lightly and where nature can thrive. 

Key actions

  1. Identify, grow and strengthen a base of empowered community champions and community/environmental groups

  2. Create and facilitate a suite of resources to support community champions

  3. Take a strategic leadership role in the delivery of key projects/focuses such as Puhinui Stream, zero waste and climate change

  4. Create regular feedback loops on community needs and impact

  5. Develop a meaningful role and impact into waste reduction and/or illegal dumping needs


Teaching and facilitating environmental and sustainability education

We want to connect, empower and teach more Kiwis, young and old, to care for the environment and live more sustainably. We recognise that everyone learns in different ways. While we have a role in education, we also want to facilitate and encourage other groups and individuals to share their passions and knowledge with the community.

Key actions

  1. Ensure environmental education outcomes are delivered into all of the Trust’s existing programmes and events 

  2. Create an in-school programme offering with strong brand presence and focus on schools who are otherwise missing out

  3. Facilitate campaigns that educate and advocate on pressing environmental issues. Explore the creation of online resources for key stakeholders to access and learn from

  4. Facilitate an offering of courses and classes for the public

Creating communities of belonging and connection

Having a sense of belonging and connection in one’s community is important. While we want to create beautiful and safe communities and protect and learn about the environment, we understand the need for also building connections and a sense of belonging. Our focus is not only on strengthening our intelligence on diversity but also proactively committing to and encouraging it.

Key actions

  1. Embed intergenerational and diversity engagement outcomes into each of the Trust’s programmes

  2. Grow the scale and impact of the Boomer Community Shed  

  3. Create and facilitate regular networking opportunities with similar likeminded organisations

  4. Repurpose existing spaces into more inviting spaces for creating connection and belonging

  5. Create a physical space to support organisations and groups  focused on the community and environment


Our supporting strategic focus areas

Growing sustained and diversified funding

Driven by our commitment to the community and delivering increased impact, the Trust is focused on growing to support long-term viability. The scope for growth and diversification is strong with a small and dynamic workforce, healthy reserves and a strong value proposition within the community.

Building a strong identity

We recognise that the communities we work in need to know who we are, what we stand for and how they can be a part of our community organisation. Marketing ourselves well and building a strong, well-known identity that our community knows, trusts and partners with for support is crucial for our success.

Fostering and maintaining strong partnerships

We recognise that we are stronger together and that strength comes from a collaborative approach that is built on respect, communication and working together towards a common goal. We cannot do it alone. We know that when we foster and maintain strong and engaging outcome-focused partnerships with iwi, schools, funders, places of worship, workplaces and community groups, we can achieve great things.

Strengthening People, Culture, Operations and Sustainability

How we do our work is vitally important; the way we treat others, the way we operate efficiently, how we approach Health and Safety, what we learn and how we keep pushing forward with ways to improve the way we work. What we look for in our procurement and sustainability practices. These are all what we hold onto dearly and is driven by the values we hold dearly for the Beautification Trust


Our environmental sustainability policy

Environmental sustainability can have many meanings. For us, it is about doing what is right for the planet. It is about proactive action to reduce our footprint. It is about being kaitiakitanga and displaying daily leadership in our practices.

We’re committed to reducing our environmental footprint wherever possible and working proactively to respond to global sustainability issues. While our work in the community focuses on protecting and restoring the environment, we must also ensure our own business operations follow best practice in sustainability and environmental protection.


In implementing a comprehensive environmental sustainability policy, we can further strengthen our own impact as kaitiakitanga and be role models for other organisations on their journey to environmental sustainability.

Our commitment includes:

  • Identifying and implementing opportunities, processes and controls to eliminate or reduce adverse environmental risks from our work activities including:

    • Energy usage and carbon management

    • Water management

    • Restoring biodiversity and ecosystems

    • Waste management

    • Sustainable procurement

  • Implementing and maintaining an environmental management system consistent with international standard AS/NZS ISO 14001.

  • Promoting a positive culture educating, training and encouraging our workforce and business partners to implement effective environmental sustainability principles and practices.

  • Learning, engaging and collaborating on solutions with our partners in the environmental sustainability space to maintain up to date and relevant knowledge of environmental issues affecting our communities.

  • Supporting local iwi and hapū as tangata whenua and the important role they play in protecting and restoring the environment.

  • Encouraging and facilitating innovative and practical environmental and sustainability solutions in the communities we operate.

  • Setting, evaluating and reporting on the performance and continual improvement of environmental sustainability objectives and our business systems and processes.

  • Optimise our procurement of products and services to relentlessly improve our environmental sustainability performance and ensure the responsible use of natural resources.

  • Ensuring that we comply with all regulatory requirements.

This policy is reviewed annually in October.

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