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Mural Competition

Chorus Cabinet Art

With over 11,000 telecommunications cabinets across New Zealand, Chorus is looking for budding artists to show their skills and bring some colour to our neighbourhoods. 


The Beautification Trust is managing six cabinets in South Auckland as part of this campaign. Submissions close 5pm Wednesday, 31st August 2022.

How to submit your entry

  1. Go to Chorus Cabinet Art on the Chorus website to read the full information and submit your entry.

  2. Choose which cabinet you’d like to paint. Please note, the cabinets in South Auckland are listed under Auckland South (Beautification Trust), not Auckland. Each cabinet has a commission available between $400 - $1,500, plus up to $150 materials reimbursement.

  3. Complete the Entry Form. This includes uploading a sketch or outline of your intended artwork, along with a title and a few words on what it's about. We're looking for high quality and memorable designs with a clear message. They should be relevant to the community, unique and respectful of the site and local features. Both Chorus and the Beautification Trust will decide which designs are successful.

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