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In-School Workshops

Deep dive into your local environment

Enhance your students' learning experience with our free in-school workshops. Tailored to engage and inspire, these 60-90 minute sessions, led by our experienced Community Educator, dive into critical environmental topics in a fun, accessible and engaging way.


Our workshops are designed specifically for South & East Auckland schools to relate to local environmental issues. They can be customised to suit your year level and current topic studies, ensuring maximum relevance and engagement.

Workshop options

Waste Management

Students get up-to-date information on recycling and waste reduction, plus tools for community engagement and support for local litter clean-ups.

Recycling Bio Bin

Seashore & Marine

Immerses students in the marine world, focusing on New Zealand's unique sea creatures and human impacts on our oceans.

Image by Hao Tang

Water Pollution

Explores the difference between wastewater and storm water, and how to test the health of nearby streams, helping students understand the impact of land practices on waterways.


NZ Conservation

Introduces students to our country's biodiversity and ongoing conservation efforts, serving as a perfect primer for joining the Adopt a Park programme.


Apply for your school

Our workshops are free for schools in South & East Auckland. Get in touch to find out more or complete the form below to apply for your school.

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