Eye on Nature Creative Arts

October School Holidays, 2022

Teaching tamariki to love the environment through art!


Eye on Nature Creative Arts is the Beautification Trust's annual art competition for South and East Auckland kindergarten and primary school students.


Students are challenged to create art around the Eye on Nature 2022 theme, Incredible Kai, making use of sustainable materials and re-purposed waste.

The judges assess the artworks based on their interpretation of the theme, use of materials, the artist’s statement about their work, originality, innovation, construction and effort. The winning schools and kindergartens are awarded cash prizes and art supply vouchers, with a total prize pool worth $2,550!

All entries will be displayed in a professional exhibition space during the October school holidays.

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More details on the 2022 programme coming soon 

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Incredible Kai

Every year we have a different theme. Our Eye on Nature theme for 2022 is Incredible Kai.

Not only does kai (food) nourish us and keep our bodies healthy, but our relationship with kai also affects the health of the planet. Food security and sustainability are becoming increasingly important on our collective journey to a greener future.

Understanding where kai comes from, how it gets to the table and what happens with food scraps helps us deepen our personal relationship with nature. Kai is also an amazing social connector which brings communities and whānau together.

Throughout Eye on Nature 2022, tamariki and whānau will learn more about...



How nature creates kai from animals and plants



Nutrition and the role of kai in ecosystems



How kai gets from place to place


Waste & Recycling

‘Rot’ to do with food scraps and packaging?


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