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Foodtogether Pop-Up

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How it works

  • Come Along and Grab a Bag for $15: Join us every Thursday from 12pm till 1pm at the Foodtogether Pop-Up, and get a bag of delicious, seasonal fruit and vegetables for only $15. These fresh produce items might look a little wonky, too big, or too small, but they're perfectly tasty and ready to be enjoyed. Item quantity limits apply. Produce selection will change weekly based on season and supply availability.

  • Pre-Order or Buy on the Day: You have the flexibility to pre-order your bag online or simply come along on the day and make your purchase. Either way, you'll be getting a great deal on fresh produce. 

  • Foodtogether Pop-up Continues: Originally starting as a six week pilot programme, the Foodtogether Pop-up has seen so much popularity with the community that we have decided to extend the offering every week!

How it works

Welcome to the Foodtogether Pop-Up Manurewa!

Join us every Thursday for fresh, affordable produce right in the heart of South Auckland. In partnership with Foodtogether, we're bringing you seasonal fruits and vegetables that may be a little wonky but perfectly fresh and good to eat!

Pre-order your bag!

Want to secure your share of delicious, in-season fruit and vegetables without waiting in line?

Pre-order a bag, and we'll pack it with the fresh produce we have on hand that day. Pick up your pre-ordered bag every Thursday between 12pm and 1pm.

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Pre-order now
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