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South Auckland Unveils New Chorus Cabinet Art

Some lucky South Auckland streets have received a vibrant makeover with the addition of stunning Chorus Cabinet Art. Six formerly dull and dark green cabinets have been transformed into captivating works of art by talented local artists.

This initiative is part of the ongoing Chorus Cabinet Art programme, a nationwide effort aimed at fostering community pride and deterring graffiti vandalism.

The Beautification Trust facilitates the programme in South Auckland, choosing winning artists whose designs resonate with the local communities, histories, and natural environment.

The Latest Chorus Cabinet Art

From 18 Othello Drive in Clover Park, John Crouch's "Unity" captures the essence of community collaboration and strength. This vibrant artwork serves as a reminder that together, we can achieve greatness.

Moving along to the corner of Springs Road and Kerwyn Ave in East Tamaki, we encounter Xiaoping Jiang's "Love our neighbourhood". This playful and lively artwork celebrates the bustling and friendly communities of East Tamaki, Ormiston, Flat Bush, and Botany. Xiaoping's keen eye for detail showcases the local landmarks, attractions, and everyday life, instilling a sense of pride among residents.

At 107 Victoria St West, Pukekohe, Kirsty McMahon's "Diverse-city" takes centre stage. Celebrating the multicultural fabric of the city, this artwork weaves together national flowers from different countries, symbolising the ever-changing diversity of our home. Kirsty's art beautifully captures the essence of unity and appreciation for different cultures.

Embracing the captivating beauty of nature, Tayla Pennell-Tupou's "Rainbow Tui" shines at 11 Westney Road, Māngere. With its vibrant colours, this artwork adds a touch of brightness to the mixed housing and industrial area. Tayla, a rangatahi artist, showcases her talent and brings joy to all who pass by.

At 2 Puni Road, Pukekohe, Nancy Kaur's "Indian Folk ART" showcases a traditional Indian folk art form called 'Pichwai art.' The artwork features a mesmerising Lotus Pond, symbolising resilience and beauty emerging from challenging times. Nancy's piece resonates with the diverse community of Pukekohe, spreading a message of strength and growth.

Lastly, at 237 Weymouth Road, Manurewa, “Te Ao Māori” pays homage to the cultural tapestry of Aotearoa. Created by Marangai Nissen, an artist of Māori descent, this mural weaves together elements of taio (nature), wai (water), and ao (universe) to symbolize the interconnectedness of Earth, air, water, and sky.

Want to have your artwork featured on a Chorus Cabinet? The next round of Chorus Cabinet Art submissions will open from mid-June 2023 at

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