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Our Call for Urgent Climate Action Ahead of the Election

The Beautification Trust has officially signed on to the Climate Shift campaign, a compelling call for urgent climate action launched by New Zealand’s biggest environmental organisations – Forest and Bird, Greenpeace, and Oxfam Aotearoa – and more than thirty different climate and social justice organisations.

The campaign centres around a comprehensive 10 Point Plan that outlines key asks for Government action, including real emissions reductions, supporting frontline communities, and restoring and rewilding nature. The aim is to make this year's election a "climate election," where all parties treat the climate crisis as a real crisis.

"We are thrilled to lend our voice to the Climate Shift campaign,” says Daniel Barthow, CEO of the Beautification Trust. “We saw the impact of climate disasters on our South Auckland communities earlier this year. It's time to turn our collective concern about climate change into collective action."

The Trust plans to use its extensive network and influence to advocate for meaningful climate policies and to empower the South Auckland community to have their voice heard on the climate crisis. In addition, the Beautification Trust is committed to giving South Auckland communities a range of practical solutions they can take to reduce their own carbon emissions.

Get Involved

We invite you to join us in this critical mission for climate action. Here's how you can get involved:

  1. Enrol to vote here so you can make your voice heard in the General Election.

  2. Add your name to the Climate Shift petition for climate action from political leaders.

  3. Check out Climate Club's 2023 General Election Guide. It includes tools and other scorecards for deciding who to vote for, understanding how voting works, and ways to amplify your impact.

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