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The Boomer Shed welcomes a new year with renewed spirit

Meet our guest blogger, Laura Qin, a passionate volunteer and dedicated member of the Boomer Shed – our community shed for people over 50. Laura keeps us updated with insider stories, project highlights, and the magic that makes the Boomer Shed a special place.

2023 at the Boomer Shed was a journey filled with projects that heightened our connections within the community and showcased our volunteers' creativity and generosity.  

Our shed has been a hub of community support, with every project undertaken reflecting our commitment to making a positive impact towards sustainable living and zero waste.  

From the enchanting fairy doors for Weymouth Play Centre to practical portable storage sheds for a rural animal shelter, hardware upgrades and minor repairs for our Community Recycling Centre, our team has embraced a wide array of initiatives.  

One project that stood out was our work with Totara Hospice. Our volunteers crafted Build-A-Kits containing hand-crafted wooden parts that can be assembled into birdhouses for the Hospice residents. The joy that these simple items brought to the residents was heart-warming. 

Our recent collaboration with Blind Low Vision NZ was another highlight. We are in the process of creating a three-section mural board that features interactive sensory games, inspired by Maaori culture. This mural, to be installed at the local BLENNZ School playground, is designed to stimulate the senses of blind and low vision students and incorporates elements of Matariki, Maramataka, and Ngaa waka.  

The Boomer Shed is more than a place for woodwork; it's a community of volunteers dedicated to making a difference. It's where creativity meets compassion, and where projects are not just about personal achievements but about the joy and connections they create. 

As we welcome the new year, we continue with our journey to embrace new projects and further strengthen our community bonds. From all of us at the Boomer Shed, here's to a 2024 packed with creativity, sustainability, and community spirit. Let's make it another year to remember! 

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