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Free Liquid Fertiliser made from your Food Scraps

Updated: Apr 16

We're thrilled to announce a green initiative that will excite all our garden-loving supporters. The Beautification Trust, in partnership with Auckland Council, is now offering Fertify liquid fertiliser for free! This liquid gold is made from your food scraps, and is available from the self-service station in our carpark.

How to Get Your Free Fertify Liquid Fertiliser

To help your garden thrive with Fertify, here’s what you need to know:

  • Location: Available at 38 Holmes Road, Manurewa. You will find the self-service station to your right at the top of our driveway.

  • Time: Access the fertiliser anytime from 9am to 4pm, Monday-Saturday.

  • Quantity: Up to 4 litres per person to ensure there's enough to go around.

  • Bring Your Own Container: Please bring a sealable container, like an old milk bottle or juice bottle, to take your fertiliser home.

  • Safety First: Use gloves when filling your bottle, and attach a product information sticker to ensure it doesn't get confused with anything else.

A big thank you to Auckland Council for partnering with us to distribute this wonderful resource to our communities. Let's make the most of it - happy gardening to all our green thumbs out there!

About Fertify

Auckland Council are collecting food scraps on a weekly basis across mainland urban Auckland to reduce waste and create renewable resources. Your food scraps are turned into renewable energy and liquid fertiliser (Fertify), at Ecogas’ processing facility to grow more kai.


Fertify (also known as digestate), contains all the nutrients and minerals from food scraps. Applying Fertify is a great way to provide nutrients to your home garden. By using Fertify as a substitute or supplement to traditional fertilisers, you can return the nutrients from food waste back to the soil, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Application Method

You can apply Fertify straight on your garden or lawn 3-4 times per year. It is best to apply Fertify evenly. To do this, you can pour Fertify into a watering can or dilute it (50/50) with water, then apply it to your garden or lawn.


Product Benefits

  • Recycling nutrients that would otherwise end up in landfill.

  • Unlike traditional fertiliser, the liquid fertiliser is not produced using fossil fuels, or mined, therefore reducing greenhouse gas emissions

  • 75% of the nitrogen is present as ammonia and is highly accessible for plants, compared to compost or farm effluent. This allows more precise application, better uptake of nutrients and reduces leaching

  • Locally produced in Aotearoa

  • Contains a full spectrum of nutrients and trace elements for conditioning of the soil

  • Contains residual carbon which helps soil retain water better and improve regeneration.


Product description

  • Black or dark brown with an earthy smell

  • pH 7.5-8

  • small portion of solids (<5%)

  • 0.4% Nitrogen, 0.01% Phosphorus, 0.1% Potassium, secondary nutrients (Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium and Sulphur), trace elements


Product safety and storage

Fertify is a natural product that has been made using your food scraps and then pasteurised for your safety. Any unused Fertify should be kept in a tightly sealed container.

Avoid direct contact with eyes or skin. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. If there is direct contact with eyes or skin, please wash immediately with water. If ingested orally, rinse mouth with water immediately. If unwell, seek medical advice.

Download the product information sheet:

24-PRO-0349 Food Scraps_fertify product handout for CRCs_Print (002)
Download PDF • 1.95MB

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