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More of our Boomer Shed volunteers’ clever woodwork crafts

Meet our guest blogger, Laura Qin, a passionate volunteer and dedicated member of the Boomer Shed – our community shed for people over 50. Laura keeps us updated with insider stories, project highlights, and the magic that makes the Boomer Shed a special place.

In continuation of our last Boomer Shed blog about the access ramps project for Bethesda Retirement Village, we are thrilled to announce their completion!

Our Boomer Shed volunteers measure and assemble the ramp with the frame underneath
Our Boomer Shed volunteers measure and assemble the ramp

The ramps are made with a unique design that prioritises stability on uneven surfaces. In addition, they are measured to size so that each of the customised ramps can seamlessly fit with the door frame.

What was once considered as a burdensome step has now transformed to an effortless stroll down the gentle slope. This installation has certainly made easy for the residents at the Bethesda Village to go about their usual dailies. Most importantly our volunteers were happy to support the community.

Towards the end of the October, the Boomer Shed was temporarily closed for necessary maintenance carried out on the roof. Despite the reduced capacity, our shed members quickly got back on track once the shed reopened. With the holiday season fast approaching our talented volunteers have create a variety of inspiring wood crafts.

Reaching High with Foldable Ladder Chair

A DIY adventure to craft a versatile foldable ladder chair will sure to impress all your friends.

The Time Lock Master

Colin showcases his intricate, artistic creation featuring a clock embedded in a mechanic wooden lock, where one key reveals the hidden secret of the time-infused woodwork mechanics.

The Art of Shelf Display

The right way up or the side way down, this shelf has unforgettable style to steal the show. Our Boomer Shed member, Olive, made this customised display shelf with her own unique design.

The Woodwork-hood of the Travelling Lounging Chair

With the added wheels, enjoying backyard time is even easier without the hassle of chasing the sun or shade. Our volunteer Allen added some "wheely" clever convenience to this classic lounging chair.

Vibing Christmas Tree Stand

With this sparkling cute Christmas tree, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Join the Boomer Shed

Want to try out some woodworking next year? We’d love for you to join us! Reach out to our Boomer Shed manager, Stacey.

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