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Celebrating Milestones and Making Accessibility Easy for a Local Retirement Village

Meet our guest blogger, Laura Qin, a passionate volunteer and dedicated member of the Boomer Shed – our community shed for people over 50. Laura keeps us updated with insider stories, project highlights, and the magic that makes the Boomer Shed a special place.

Woodwork has a wide range of applications from construction to furniture making. It can also provide convenience in the most creative ways you can imagine. This brings us to the request our Boomer Shed received for making access ramps.

Bethesda Retirement Village is nestled near Rainbow’s End. The small yet friendly village consists of lovely one floor units, graciously accommodating its residents. Built on a raised foundation, our volunteers will bridge the gap to the ground with gentle sloping ramps, making the daily ins and outs a lot easier and safer for the residents.

Our volunteers made a visit to the village and obtained measurements for Stacey, our Boomer Shed manager, to order the needed material. I cannot wait to participate in this special project.

One helpful tip I learned from observing how the ramps are measured onsite is to measure the height at both ends to check floor level, then measure the distance across the top, then the bottom, to assess the overall shape of the ramp and get an accurate measurement.

Unveiling the completed Puāwai Kai garden planters

Following the September blog, we are excited to unveil the completed Puāwai Kai garden planters, skillfully assembled by our volunteers. As you can see in the photo below, the entire garden is now looking well prepared for an easy-peasy sowing season ahead. We wish them a bountiful harvest of healthy produce to enjoy.

There are many more projects that are taking place in and around the shed, all made possible by our team of talented volunteers who generously dedicate their time to contribute. Let’s take a look at their recently accomplished projects and achievements!

From MOTAT’s ex-sign boards to glamorous planters

Abracadabra with upcycling! We turned two dimensional ex-signboards into three dimensional elegant planters under the “Zero Waste“ vision. These planters were made from signboards used in MOTAT's Switch Up: Sustainable Solutions exhibition.

Beautification Trust’s new community garden tags for 'Learning from the Ground Up'

These new garden tags will now grow with our community garden and help learners to easily identify and care for all kinds of vegetables. If you want to learn about gardening and help look after our community garden, register your interest on our website.

'Quack' up talent: a lifelike wooden duck carved by Paul Meyer

There’s so much hidden talent right here at our shed, as evidenced by this one-of-a-kind, carved duck. It was hand crafted by long-time Boomer Shed member and skilled carver, Paul Meyer.

Join the Boomer Shed

Are you curious about lending a helping hand to our community? Let's chat – your time and support mean the world to us. Reach out to our Boomer Shed manager, Stacey.

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