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Jellicoe Park mural a true community effort

The new mural at Jellicoe Park in Manurewa is now complete. This colourful artwork was the brainchild of local artist Monika Goodman, who has done an amazing job transforming this once-bland changing room block into something the community can be proud of.

Manurewa AFC originally approached the Beautification Trust to help beautify the changing rooms, which were a constant target for graffiti vandalism. We got in touch with Monika and she jumped at the opportunity to produce the design, incorporating motifs and colours that reflect community pride and identity

Monika told us she loved working on this mural and giving back to the place where she has lived all her life. And it wasn't just a solo effort - while she was working on the mural, many people came up to her and offered their help to paint it. Monika outlined a lot of the mural for passers-by to colour in, creating a wonderful, spontaneous opportunity for the community to collaborate and beautify their local space. Thank you so much to Connected Communities and the Manurewa Local Board for funding this mural, to the artist Monika Goodman and to the Manurewa community for pitching in to create it!

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