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The latest from the good sorts in the Boomer Shed

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

HUGE thanks to our fabulous Boomer Shed members who have been working hard on projects for our friends Tread Lightly Caravan and Pacific Vision Aotearoa.

As part of school visits, each student makes a Tread Lightly pledge - one action they will commit to and make a positive difference to the environment. Tread Lightly asked the Boomers to make bigger boards to include te reo.

John Allen and Gary Anderson took ownership of the project and spent time cutting and sanding boards to ensure smooth edges so no little hands get splinters. Together, 16 hours of work has been volunteered to the community!

Colin White has spent over 12 hours on a man powered generator which Tread Lightly uses to teach the next generation the importance of energy preservation and how different types of utilities require different levels of power. This generator has been used and taught so many children, it has come into the Boomer Shed to have some life restored into it.

After the success of the last set of planter boxes, John Allen, Garry Anderson and John Van B have been busy putting in over 36 hours to create 25 more seedling boxes for Pacific Vision.

These seedling boxes are used to educate the community on upcycling the old dumped pellets and creating something positive.

Know someone who is over 50 and interested in giving back to the community? Or do you have a community project that our Boomers might be able to help with? Find out more about our Boomer Shed here, call Stacey on 09 269 4080 or email

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