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Eye on Nature Rap Challenge

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

CALLING ALL: Rap masters, rhyme busters, word smiths, poets and spoken word creatives.

Sancta Maria College students have set the bar high. We gained this choice rap about our Eye on Nature 2020 event theme, Adaptations in NZ - Urutaunga ki Aotearoa.

South Auckland we know you can beat box . . .

(Let’s get ready to rumble) Patting crescendo finish with clap

The meteor arrived, our dinosaurs died

Millions of years later, life evolved beyond a Slater

Land of the long white cloud, had no land based mammals

Let’s listen to my babbles

Clicking and whistling bird mimic

New Zealand is unique

Just give us one peek

See the animals that we keep

We got kakapos galore

But they’re dying by the score

We’ve got to save them guys

We just can’t ignore

New Zealand’s one of a kind

It might have slipped ones mind

We shouldn’t have to remind

That our animals have declined

When the humans arrived

Our animals had to tip-toe

Because they did not know

The threat of a stoat

Set to get your goat

Or the rats that eat all the bounty

No more kaka kakariki

The predators are taking over

The kiwi’s becoming a loner

This might go over your shoulder

But adaptation is a lot slower

Refuse Reduce Reuse

Reset Restore Regenerate

New Zealand is unique

Let’s look after it

Wrap up the rap with these key points:

New Zealand is unique,

Just give us one peek,

Our birds had no need to fly,

So they abandoned our blue sky,

Until the predators took over,

The moa had to look over its shoulder,

Our flightless birds had to tiptoe,

Because adaptation is too slow,

New Zealand is unique,

Let’s look after it.

Thank you Sancta Maria College. We love it and congratulations on gaining NCEA credits for this piece.


Anyone up for the challenge?

Rhyming is a great way for anyone to learn, by improving memory and cognitive development, developing literacy skills in children, learning deeply about a topic, encouraging social and emotional development and above all, rhymes are just plain fun!

Share your lyrical language on Adaptations in NZ with us. We'll publish it on both our social media and website.


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