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Could a Chorus Cabinet be your next billboard and big break?

If you are an upcoming artist or creative painter you might want to read on!

Thanks to the team at Chorus who have partnered with us to help bring more murals to the South, as we set out to beautify 6 blank power cabinet boxes.

Once again, we're calling on South Aucklanders to express an interest in a cabinet by entering their designs into our mural art competition themed Native NZ Environment.

Slide across to see past cabinets in the South - Shout out to each and every artist!

Chorus cabinets provide the perfect blank canvas and are a permanent, public platform to showcase local artists’ work.

The competition is open to all South Aucklanders; groups and individuals who live, work or study in the area and closes 2 August 2020.

Sounds like you or know someone who might be keen to contribute to our urban environment and get paid?

Yes, we recognise the dedicated time and effort required to complete a mural and thanks to Chorus a paid commission of up to $1,200 is available per cabinet plus reimbursement of material costs.

If Covid-19 has left you high and dry of freelance gigs this could be your next break!

Wondering why we are so keen to see more murals in the South?

Not only is community engagement and an aesthetic enhancement of South Auckland our priorities but murals also exists as a graffiti prevention tool.

In 2010, Chorus began a trial in Auckland to test if artwork on its assets decreased the frequency of graffiti vandalism. The trial was successful and so the programme was extended throughout the country. We hold the graffiti eradication contract with Auckland Council for South Auckland.

So, what are you waiting for draw up a design and send it away to us, your design could be on display for the whole community to love!

Learn more about our Mural Competition here.

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