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Eye on Nature is the Beautification Trust's signature environmental education programme


Through action-packed events, hands-on activities and engaging lessons, Eye on Nature encourages tamariki and their whānau to connect with the environment and learn how to be more sustainable in everyday life. Every year we have a different theme. Our Eye on Nature theme for 2022 is Incredible Kai.


School Days
21-24 March

Our free environmental education event for South Auckland primary schools.


Creative Arts

Schools and kindergartens creating amazing art with sustainable materials.


Whānau Day
26 March

​​A free day of educational activities and entertainment for the whole family. 


Activities & Resources

Fun learning activities and resources for tamariki at school and at home.


Wearable Arts

Auckland's tamariki and rangatahi compete to create eco-friendly wearable art.


Partner with us

Be part of Eye on Nature and inspire the next generation of kaitiaki. 

Incredible Kai

Not only does kai (food) nourish us and keep our bodies healthy, but our relationship with kai also affects the health of the planet. Food security and sustainability are becoming increasingly important on our collective journey to a greener future.

Understanding where kai comes from, how it gets to the table and what happens with food scraps helps us deepen our personal relationship with nature. Kai is also an amazing social connector which brings communities and whānau together.

Throughout Eye on Nature 2022, tamariki and whānau will learn more about...



How food is made, from growing to gathering



How we prepare and eat food, and how food nourishes us



How food gets to

our table


Waste & Recycling

What we do with packaging and food scraps