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Business Partner

It's simple! When we combine forces with like-minded organisations, neat things happen! 


We are interested in only establishing mutually beneficial relationships, with organisations who care about South Auckland, it's people and the environment as much as we do.


We consistently support community events, initiatives and maintain our graffiti removal promise year after year. We have a strong supporter base and engage well with diverse communities. Plus, thanks to our past and current forces we've achieved A LOT of beautification that is standing the test of time. 

We'll be an extension of your marketing and help give you community recognition.


Interested in becoming our next sponsor or partner?

There are a number of benefits that your company can utilise by supporting us. To ensure the partnership/sponsorship is a win-win, we will tailor a package just for you!


Organisations usually come on board through our legacy programmes Eye on Nature or Tiaki. Sometimes people come to us with an idea or issue they need support on or want to bring to life or simply to do a  'value-swap' where we both help each other achieve something.


If we can help and the stars align, a new relationship is born!

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