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Mother hen leaves her nest!

Today marks the last day at the Trust for our amazing receptionist and admin queen - Jane Newbury.

This week we celebrated all of Jane's success and contribution to the Trust with a yummy team lunch.

Jane has been with the Trust for over 10 years, so you can imagine the memories shared. Especially by Scott Henderson who shared an office with her.

She knows the in's and out's of everything we do here at the Trust and has a special relationship with our Graffiti Removal Team.

When we have events on, Jane will stay back at the Headquarters and make sure our graffiti removal services are running smoothly. She's not often in the limelight - but her role is paramount at the Trust.

Often known as the mother hen, captain of the ship or any other title that represents 'of most important'.

Thank you Jane for always keeping your pulse on absolutely everything and looking after us all!

You will be missed!


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