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Kitchen Caddy Competition

The competition is on to find out which class will blossom as South Auckland's greenest artists!

The Kitchen Caddy Competition is here! We're inviting all tamariki to jazz up their new kitchen caddies, received as part of the Auckland-wide food scraps collection rollout. Get your hands on some paints, crafts, and even re-used materials to turn your caddy into a masterpeice. Then get your entire class involved!


The class with the most creative kitchen caddies will win a 2-hour session with Love Food Hate Waste, complete with a new vege patch for the school some tasty shared kai.

Kitchen caddy (2)_edited.jpg

How to get involved

Getting involved is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Simply:

  • Collect Your Caddy - Make sure you've got your new kitchen caddy, part of the Auckland-wide Foodscraps Bin Rollout.

  • Decorate - Use paints, crafts, and re-used materials to make your caddy stand out.

  • Share - Take a photo of your masterpiece and enter it!

Please note the competition ends on Saturday 18 November.

Enter your school
How to get involved

What you need to get started

Ready to dive in? Here’s your checklist:

  • A Kitchen Caddy - If you haven't received yours yet, check when you can expect to receive your food scraps bin

  • Creative Supplies - Paints, crafts, recycled materials—the sky's the limit.

  • A Camera - You'll need to snap a photo of your completed caddy for submission.

  • Your Class - The winner is based on the best class, so make sure to tell your peers and your teacher!

Now you're all set to go from caddy to masterpiece!

What you need to get

How to get your class involved

Turn Your Solo Project Into a Classroom Sensation!

  • Give your teacher a printout  Take our printout to school to show your teacher what you have been working on! Download it here.

  • Show Off Your Caddy - Bring your decorated caddy to class and show it off to your teacher. Just make sure it's cleaned out first!

  • Talk to Your Teacher -Speak to your teacher about the competition and how it aligns with learning about sustainability and community.

  • Email your School - ask to send an email to your school or teacher, make sure to include this webpage and a photo of your creation!

  • Share the Prize Details - Mention that the winning class will be treated to a 2-hour session with Love Food Hate Waste and some shared kai. Who could resist?

  • Make It a Class Project - Suggest it as a class project where everyone can contribute and learn. Each caddy can be a student’s personal project that contributes to the collective effort.

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