Cast your mind back to Manukau in the late 1990's and early 2000's - it was also known as the graffiti capital of the South Pacific.


The Trust was originally established in 1997 as Keep Manukau Beautiful, and soon after rebranded in 2001 when the Manukau City Council charged it with the task of dealing with the enormous amount of graffiti in the area.

Since then, the Trust's proven record of efficient and effective tagging removal has resulted in an expansion of territory under Auckland Council's management. We are now contracted by Council to remove tagging in the city's six Southern Local Board areas.

Over time our approach to beautifying the Southern Auckland region has evolved to include much, much more than tagging removal. We have taken community groups, organisations, schools and neighbourhoods on a journey to care deeply about the environment that surrounds them. 

In the process, we’ve been restoring the mauri of these places and building resilient communities.


We strive for the highest standards! 


People love what we do,

we've even won awards
for it!


The way we operate is important to us