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Love our work and want to help us achieve more?

Thank you to the generous individuals, groups and schools in the district who give their time and spare their efforts towards us. You are awesome!

Fundraising and donating to our work goes a long way:

$25 - A batch of baked scones for our community shed members

$50 - A kowhai tree 

$100 - Sponsorship of a 1 year boomer business membership

$200 - 30 metres of graffiti paint out

$500 - Community planting in a park

$1000 - A small mural

$3000 - Equipment, paint and plants for 1 town centre clean-up event 

You can donate directly to our Givealittle page. Even $1 will make a difference. Make sure you keep an eye out on our Facebook - we'll give you a shout out and let you know where your money went to! 

Have time on your hands? Why not look at our volunteer opportunities. 

Fundraising ideas 

Fundraising activities are entirely up to you. Some activities could be :

  • Plan a sausage sizzle

  • Get your neighbours to sponsor you to clean-up your street

  • Challenge people to go plastic free and sponsor their savings

  • Make your own reusable bags and sell them

  • Run a $2 mufti day and ask everyone to wear green

  • Host a quiz night or movie night

  • Organise a bake sale

  • Turn your lunch room into a repair cafe

  • Grow seedlings and sell them

  • Run a raffle of eco products

Whatever you decide - let us know so we can help!

Don't forget to add it to our Givealittle page.

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Let's talk fundraising!



Donate directly to us and make an instant impact!

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