School Days

Where: South and East Auckland Schools

When: 22 to 25 March, 2021

Free and includes transport

We look forward to seeing you all at Eye on Nature 2021!

NZ has a unique biodiversity – let’s look after it.  We all need to look to the future and learn how we can help protect our wonderful native flora and fauna.

The theme for 2021 is; From the Mountains to the Sea
WATER IS LIFE Mai nga maunga ki te moana, ko te wai te oranga.  

The School Days see 1500 primary aged school children immersed in the Auckland Botanic Gardens beautiful surrounds.

Children aged 9-10 from South and East Auckland, many of whom have little experience of being in nature, become environmental warriors through our Eye on Nature programme!
Through the School Day platform, children spend their time with passionate environmental educators who guide them through a series of eco activities. This programme gives children experiential and action-based opportunities that will shape their attitudes and behaviours in adulthood. Children will be actively encouraged to reflect on their mental and emotional wellbeing during their time at Eye on Nature.

The School Days are free for South and East Primary Schools from 22 to 25 March and include transport!

We're on the look out for volunteers for future Eye on Nature events! Can you help?

What happens at a EON School Day?

Students aged 9-10 will experience hands-on lessons. The learning content for 2021 focusses on 'Water for Life'. Students will have the opportunity to engage with our programme partners to learn about how water is vital to all life and how the waterways, streams, oceans and rainfall all work intricately together. They will be encouraged to think about the part humans play in our living environment and the impact we have on it. Water is precious, let's look after it!

What is required from parents, teachers and schools?

Connect, connect, connect! The schools where students, parents and teachers connect and share their learnings and experiences from Eye on Nature see rapid benefits for the environments that surround them. We are in the process of designing the lesson plans and organising the paper work for teachers! Check back Term 1 2021. In the meantime, if your school is interested in caring for their local environment, get in touch! We're happy to facilitate school projects such as litter collection, riperian planting and clean-ups. We want to inspire South Auckland students to become Kaitiaki of their environment.

How can we prepare for the School Day?

Start talking! Get the conversation started, why is water so important? Why do we need to look after our land? What part can you play?

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